Knockout cup matches

All fixtures for next weeks cup games have now been added to web page.

16 October 2019 2:00 pm

Quarter finals and Semi Final draws

Cup Quarter Finals 

(1) Railway v (8) Legion Con Club
(4) Baglan Cuesdays v (5) Soccer Vols 
(3) Welfare Stong Winds v (6) PTCC
(2) Tigers Bell v (7) Unbelivabe Tekkers 

Semi Finals 

Railway/Legion v Baglan/Vols (Welfare Club)
Welfare SW/PTCC v Tigers/Tekkers (Railway Club)

Silver Shield 

(1) Welfare State v (8) Four Winds Killers 
(4) Tyn y Twr v (5) Scow Cricketers 
(3) G6 Misfits v (6) Soccer Fannys 
(2)Bell End v (7) Forge Killers 

Semi Finals 

Welfare/FW Killers v Tyn/Scow (Railway Club)
Misfits/Fannys v Bell/Forge (Welfare Club)

Bronze Plate 

(1) Lion Kings v (8) Bye
(4) Railway Reds v (5)G6 Strikers 
(3) Waun Club v (6) Burgess Green 
(2) Lion Misfits v (7) Tiabach Surge 

Semi Finals 

Lion Kings v Railway Reds/G6 Strikers (Scow Club)
Waun/Burgess v Misfits/Surge (Tyn y Twr)

3 September 2019 8:47 pm

Summer League 2019


     GROUP A

       GROUP B

       GROUP C

        GROUP D

1. Welfare State

1. G6 Misfits

1. Legion Con Men

1. Tyn Y Twr

2. Soccer Fannys

2. Baglan Cuesdays

2. Four Strong Winds

2. Tigers Bell End

3. Lion Kings

3.Forge Killers

3. Railway Reds

3. Burgess Green

4. Tiabach Surge

4. Soccer Vols

4. Old Scow Cricketers

4. Four Winds Killers

5. The Railway

5. Waun Club Warriors

5. Lion Misfits

5. BYE


6. G6 Strikers

6. BYE

6. Unbelivable Tekkers




July 2nd


July 9th


July 16th


July 23rd


July 30th


Aug 6th


Aug 13th


Aug 20th


Aug 27th



1 v 6

5 v 1

1 v 4

3 v 1

1 v 2

6 v 1

1 v 5

4 v 1

1 v 3

2 v 1

2 v 5

4 v 2

2 v 3

6 v 2

5 v 3

5 v 2

2 v 4

3 v 2

2 v 6

3 v 5

3 v 4

6 v 3

5 v 6

4 v 5

4 v 6

4 v 3

3 v 6

6 v 5

5 v 4

6 v 4


Top two teams qualify for the quarter finals of the cup.

Teams placed 3rd and 4th will qualify for the silver plate.

The best two teams with who finish 5th will get a bye to the semi-finals of the bronze shield.

Quarter finals will be held on September 3rd

Semi-Finals will be held on September 10th

Finals Night will be held on September 17th

16 June 2019 1:01 am

2018-2019 Winter League Review

Congratulations to all league winners and runners up. There were run away winners in both the premier and division two this season with the only real title battle was between the four strong winds and baglan rfc, four winds coming out on top by 5 points those two teams will renew their battle in next seasons premier league after both having successive promortions. The premier league was won again by the crazy gers boys who only lost one league game all season and also who have made it 5 or 6 titles in a row for the railway boys close to being port talbots most succesfull team within the near future if they continue their dominance. Divisuion two was won at a canter by the lion kings so well done to all of their players on a great season.

Premier Champions - Crazy Gers Boys 

Premier Runners Up - Port Talbot Cricket Club

Division One Champions - Four Strong Winds

Division One Runners Up - Baglan RFC

Division Two Champions - Lion Kings

Division Two Runners Up - Red Bells


15 June 2019 11:54 pm

Winter 2018-2019

Winter league starts 16/10

All players are now on the website under their teams names.

Any players who play and are not registered their frames will not count towards their teams score. 

Good luck to all teams and enjoy the season. 

Can every team captain make sure their fixtures are correct on here from the master sheet i posted on facebook. (If there are any discrepancies please refer to the master sheet) Anybody who needs the master fixture copies please contact me and ill send them via email.

Leon (Fix Sec)

13 October 2018 2:21 am

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