Summer League draws

Drawsfor the 1/4's of Summer Tournaments . Tuesday 11th september 


Jeffs Block List  v Tiabach Cacholic Club 
Tigers Bell End v Soccer Fannies 
Fat Controllers v Legion Con Club
Tyn y Dregs v Four Winds Walkouts 


G6 Gentlemen v Fourwinds Beach Bums
Soccer Vols v Red Bells 
Scow Old Boys v Unbelievable Tekkers
G6 Hustlers v Baglan Rfc


Tyn y Twr v Jimmys Reds (WEDNESDAY 12TH)
Legion Lions v Burgess Green
Railway Locos v Amazon Riffs
Ruebans Pedro's v The Surge

5 September 2018 8:08 pm

Summer league format

Summer league rules..

1. Normal pool rules followed in winter league will apply. 

2. Games will consist of two sessions of five singles matches. No player can play twice in any one session, but a player can play in the two sessions.

3. There is No draw game, if its 5 -5 after both sessions then a blackball shootout will take place... 

> captains will put a list of 5 players up in order.
> the black is placed on its spot and the white behind the break line and you must try and pot the black in one shot.
> if after 5 goes each scores are still level then it goes into sudden death where a captain nominates in order the players to take the sudden death shots. 
If the team a miss team b must attempt the pot to win the game. 

4. Lag for every break.

Scorecards are being printed and will be available before the weekend. 

If anyone wants a paper copy of the rules comment below. These will be written up and emailed out to all addresses we have on email contacts. If you havent recieved them by Monday please get in touch with your email address. 

As the constitution does not cover the summer league... committees decision is final on any dispute without the right to appeal.

Please can teams leave their feedback on the new format throughout the summer league... stating if they and their team like it or not...

30 May 2018 5:47 pm

Singles and doubles

Draws for the prelims of the 2018 competitions are as follows. The deadline for all games is the 31st of january. Can i remind players that no extensions under any circumstances are there to be given extensions on the deadline for matches.

TOWN OPEN (best of 5)

Andrew Cullington 1 -3 Chris Holcombe (G6)
Chris Bond 3 - 2 Paul Donovan (Scow)
Mark Evans 0 - 3 Stephen Kelliher (Railway)
Rob Shirley 3 - 1 Morgan Jones 


Daniel Larkin 3 - 0 Craig Price (Railway)
Leyton Davies 0- 3 Gavin Stephens 
David Wilson 0 - 3 Carl Mortimar (Tigers)
Andrew Cullington 0 - 3  Shaun Lewis 
Adam Harris 2 - 3 Paul Mason 
Alan Lewis 0 - 3 Bryn Reynolds (Tigers)
Andrew Stone 1 - 3 Jason Thomas (Railway)
Mike Jones 2 - 3 Morgan Jones (Soccer club)
Leon Casley 3 - 0 Chris Bond 
Alan Taylor 0 - 3 Owain Ellis (G6)
David Jones 2 - 3 Andrew Williams (Railway)
Paul Martin 3 - 0 Jordan Morgan (G6)
Kevin evans 2 - 3 James Weatley (G6)
Chris Holcombe 3 - 2 Rich Williams 
Mathew Aston 1 - 3 Sam Figgures 


Daries Thomas 3 - 1 Pearl o'Keefe 
Dylan Thomas 2 - 3 Ash Parkhouse 
Mark Wellington 3 - 2 Richard Taylor (Railway)
Mike Watkins 3 - 1 Kelvin Bartle 
Steve Griffiths 1 - 3 K Shea (Reubans)
Mark Thomas 3 - 1 simon Corrick (Reubans)
Sean Mcmanus 2 - 3 Paul Donovan (Scow)
P Williams 3 - 0  Callum Monahan 
M Haran 2 - 3 Ken Parkhouse 


M Sheehy 3 - 1 B Howells 
P Bamsey 0 - 3 A Margetson (Amazon)
Math Rees 3 - 0 P Gumms (Reubans)
S Haran 3 - 2 P Evans (Reubans)
Pete Halpin 3 - 1 Kyle Phillips (Baglan)
Mike Harris 3 - 0 B Ward (Reubans)


S Kelliher/N Rogers 3 - 0 C Price/J Thomas (Railway)
R Morgan/J Morgan 3 - 1 P Horn/P o'Keefe (4winds)
D Jones/G Kelliher 2 - 3 J Callahan/A Sharp (4winds)
D Larkin/J Evans 1 - 3 K Evans/R Williams 
S Lewis/A Williams 3 - 0 A Bevan/S Corrick 
A Lang/L Morris 3 - 1 J Francis/G George (Scow)
S Griffiths/K Parkhouse 1 - 3 D Price/I West 
S Mason/J Margetson 2 - 3 P Donovan/G Llewellyn 
P Williams/S Mcmanus 1 - 3 M Harris/M Watkins 
B Reynolds/C Mortimar 2 - 3 C Morgan/G Stephens (Soc c)
D Thomas/M Jones 0 - 3 S Harris/J Sollis (Scow)
S Meikle/J Weatley 3 - 0 C Emery/S Lucas (Legion)
D Lewis/M Harrinton 0 - 3 P Thomas/C Holcombe (G6)

SCOTCH DOUBLES (best of 7)

C Emery/S Lucas 0 - 4 D Larkin/G Stephen (Soccer Club)
S Lewis/L Lewis 2 - 4 C Monahan/P Monahan 
A Stone/S Slee 4 - 2 A Lang/L Morris (Tyn)
B Reynolds/C Mortimar 4 - 0 M Welly/J Clifford (4winds)

Can people contact each other on here or if u need phone numbers message me directly

1 February 2018 3:55 pm


Town open final (Neutral Venue) (13)

Winner Leon casley  7

R/Up Jason Thomas  4


Winner Leon casley 7

R/Up  Jamie Phillips 4

Division 1 Final

Winner Bryn Reynolds  7
R/Up  Daniel Larkin       6

Division 2 Final 

Winner Morgan Jones    6
R/Up  Richard Williams  5 

(Neutral Venue) (11)

Leon casley/Paul Martin R's/Up       3
Jeff Callaghan/Alan Sharp Winners 6

(Neutral Venue) (7)

Leon Casley/Paul Martin 4
Stephen Kelliher/Nicky Rogers 1

Well done to all winners and runners up and good luck to the remaining finalists

5 December 2017 10:26 pm

Competition Registration

Registration will take place dec wed 6th between 6pm and 8pm and the railway club port talbot.. people can download the sheet here......

£2 per player for each of the tournaments they enter..

Town Open singles (Open to any player registered for a port talbot team)
Premier League Singles (Only Players registered for a premier league team)
Division One Singles (Only players registered for a division 1 team)
Division Two Singles (Only players registered for a division 2 team)
Town Open Doubles (Open to any 2 players registered in any port talbot team) 
Town Scotch Doubles (Open to any two players registered for any Port Talbot team)

29 November 2017 8:28 am

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