Town open final (Neutral Venue) (13)

Winner Leon casley  7

R/Up Jason Thomas  4


Winner Leon casley 7

R/Up  Jamie Phillips 4

Division 1 Final

Winner Bryn Reynolds  7
R/Up  Daniel Larkin       6

Division 2 Final 

Winner Morgan Jones    6
R/Up  Richard Williams  5 

(Neutral Venue) (11)

Leon casley/Paul Martin R's/Up       3
Jeff Callaghan/Alan Sharp Winners 6

(Neutral Venue) (7)

Leon Casley/Paul Martin
Stephen Kelliher/Nicky Rogers 

Well done to all winners and runners up and good luck to the remaining finalists

26 September 2017 7:46 am

Winter Legue 2017-2018

All fixtures for the Winter League that starts on 26th September 2017 are now on the website ...

24 September 2017 10:50 pm

Draws for the next knockout stages of the Summer League

The draw for the has been made for the Semi Finals of the Cup and Plate competitions along with the Quarter Finals of the Shield:

Cup draw

Plate draw

Shield draw


7 August 2017 9:21 am

Draws for the knockout stages of the Summer League

The draw has been made for the knockout stages of the Summer League:

Cup draw

Plate draw

Shield draw

For the Shield there will be a preliminary round featuring 4 teams on 1 August. The winner of Jimmys Reds v Tora Tora Tora will play Woddys Weasels the following week. The winner of Catholic Club v Amazon will play Dunes Hotel the following week. Due to this preliminary round the Final of the Shield will be played a week later than the Cup and Plate finals.

30 July 2017 12:09 pm

Newest draw for singles and doubles

Next round of singles and doubles has been drawn. Deadline it July17th

OPEN SINGLES (best of 9)

Alan Sharp 5 - 1 Nathan James
Leon Casley 5 - 4 Nicky Rogers
Gavin Stephens 2 - 5 Shaun O'mahoney
Jason Thomas 5 - 3 Bryn Reynolds

PREM SINGLES (best of 11) neutral venue.

Sam Figgures 3 - 6 Leon Casley
Jamie Phillips 6 - 3 Alan Sharp

Division 1 final (best of 13) Neutral Venue

Dan Larkin v bryn reynolds

Division 2 final (best of 11) neutral venue.

Rich Williams 5 - 6 Morgan Jones

OPEN DOUBLES (best of 9) neutral venue.

O'mahoney's 1 - 5 L Casley/P Martin 
J Thomas/A Davies 2 - 5 A Sharp/J Calligan

SCOTCH DOUBLES (best of 7)( neutral venue)

S Kelliher/N Rogers 4 - 2 A Lang/ L Morris 
L Casley/P Martin 4 - 2 G Stephens/D Larkin

18 July 2017 9:23 am

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