G6 sports v Crazy gers (welfare) ....ref David Roy Dobbs


Pedros v Naval Con (trefelin) .... ref - Justin Sollis


Con Catholic or Red Bells v Dunes (scow)... ref - Martin sakers

1 August 2016 9:45 pm

Division 2 final

A big congratulations to Mike Sheehey of the Amazon for winning his second consecutive division Two title. After a scrappy first frame in which his opponent Aaron Davies won, Aaron then stretched out to a 4-0 lead with some excellent play and exceptional potting his clearance to go 3-0 up was a highlight. Mike managed to get his name on the board for it to go 4-1. You could see the confidence build in mikes game after that and soon brought it back to 4/4 . A tricky yellow missed down the rail by Aaron in the next frame gifted Mike a 5/4 lead and the extra experience in the next frame made sure shay won the match 6/4. A thoroughly  enjoyable match well played both players , commiseration to Aaron and congrats to Mike. See u both at the presentation

22 July 2016 7:32 am

Semi final draws and venues

Semi final draw

G6 Fannys v G6 sports (Venue G6) 
Tigers v Crazy gers (Trefelin). Ref Sollis 


All stars v Pedros (Railway Red Room) ref leon 
Winds v Naval Con (Welfare)


Con Catholic v Red Bells (Scow)
Dunes v Craddock A (Railway Open room) ref leon

20 July 2016 6:08 pm

Quarter Finals for the respective tournaments



Tigers v fat controllers
Crazy gers v trefelin Vols
G6 sports v scow old
Tekkers v Fannys


Tyn v Craddock all stars
Pedros v scow cricket
Winds v legion
Naval con v lido


Red bells v Jimmys Lions
Con Catholic v burgess 
Craddock A v Jimmys reds 
Dunes v Craddock near misses

14 July 2016 12:37 am


‚ÄčThe A.G.M. 2016 for the Port Talbot Pool Pool League will be held on:


Date: Thursday 11th August 2016

Venue: Royal British Legion (Upstairs)

Doors open at 19:00 hrs and will be locked at 19:30.

(If your not present at the A.G.M. your participation in the league cannot be guarenteed)


Following the A.G.M. the registration for the Winter League 2016/17 will take place, please be advised now that the earlier you get to the meeting the earlier you will be called up for registration. (There will be no exceptions, so please can all teams have someone to attend who can stay the duration.... NOBODY will be allowed to register out of turn).



Registration sheet will be sent shortly once they have been printed.


If anyone has any ideas or suggestions that they want voted on in the A.G.M. please email them or get them to me two weeks before the A.G.M. so that they can be circulated for teams to discuss which way they would vote.



For those of you who will be taking part in the knockout stages of the Summer League, please be advised that in the event of a 5-5 draw, a Blackball shootout will take place.


1. Any five names must be written down, and the players play in order. (Toss for who goes first)

2. Place the black on its spot, and the white can be placed anywhere behind the baulk line (where you break off from normally).

3. All five players take thier shot, if its equal after that then its sudden death,any five players names must be given again in any order and this is carried on until someone misses, an equal number of shots must be taken.


In sudden death:


If Player A goes first and pots, Player B must pot to keep the game alive. If Player A misses the Player B has a pot to win the game.




Chris Holcombe


12 July 2016 4:17 pm

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