latest draws

Next round for all competitions are as follows.
The deadline for games to be completed are Monday 17th of April.

TOWN OPEN (Best of 7)

N James (G6) v A Williams (Labour)
B Reynolds 4 - 3 K Piper (CGB)
D Larkin v G Stephens (Both Fannys)
J Callaghen (G6) v S Kelliher (CGB) 
D Jones (G6) v C Mortimar (Tigers)
O Ellis (G6) v A Stone (Fannys)
S Williams (F/con) v L Casley (CGB)
Sh'o'mahoney (Labour) v S Cundy (G6)
N Rogers (CGB) v St O'mahoney (Labour)
D Price (Fannys) v A Street (G6)
J Thomas (CGB) v M Rees (Labour)
S Figgures (CGB) v M Harris (Vols)
M Thomas (N/Con) v J Phillips (CGB)
M Watkins 3 - 4 J Sollis (Scow)
I Davies (G6) v A Sharp (G6)
M Sheehy (Amazon) v D George (Vols)


P Thomas (G6) v A Sharp (G6)
N James 4 - 1 A Williams (F/Con)
D Jones (G6) v P Martin (G6)
M Harris (Vols) v J Callaghen (G6)
K Piper 0 - 4  S Figgures (CGB)
S Williams (F.Con) v J Thomas (CGB)
L Casley (CGB) v K Evans (Labour)
J Phillips (CGB) v M Rees (Labour)


G Stephens v D Larkin (Both Fannys)
S Slee 5 - 2 M Watkins (Winds)
M Kirby (Locos) v B Reynolds (Tigers)
R Taylor (Locos) v C Bond (Tigers)


D Ellis (G6 69's) v A Roberts (Tora Tora)
R McDonald (Tora Tora) v A Smith (Tyn)
R Williams 4 - 1 A Parkhouse (G6 69's)
D Thomas v M Jones (Both G6 69's)


A Sharp/J Callaghen (G6) v B Reynolds/C Mortimer (Tigers)
S Lucas/C Emery (N/con) v L Cross/P Abraham (F/Con)
A Stone/S Slee (Fannys) v L Casley/P Martin (G6)
Twm/Tubby (G6) v C Bond/G Hunt (Tigers)
A Williams/M Jones (F/Con) v J Sollis/S Harris (Scow)
G Llewelyn/P Donovan (Scow) v M Watkins/M Harris (Winds)
M Thomas/Tiff (F/Con) v The O'Mahoneys (Labour)
M Shirley/D George 1 - 3 JT/A Davies (CGB)


S Lucas/C Emery (N/Con) 3 - 4 JT/A DAvies (CGB)
Stretch/Wop (CGB) v P Halpin/J Morris (Tyn)
D george/ M shirley (vols) v Twm/ Tubby (G6)
B Reynolds/C Mortimer (Tigers) v M Evans/D Dinham (Fannys)
D Larkin/G Stephens (Fannys) v J Callaghen/R Tait (G6)
BYE v A Lang/L Morris (Tyn)
S Meikle/A Sharp (G6) v C Bond/G Hunt (Tigers)
L Casley/P Martin (G6) v A Williams/P Bamsey (Labour)

That concludes the draw if anybody needs any numbers please contact me 07970598622

13 March 2017 7:41 am

Singles and doubles Draws

Right here goes. I really dont get paid enough for this!!!. the deadline for the next round of matches is monday 27th feb.

Open Best of (5) Last 64

Alan Williams (F/Con) v M Harris (Vols)
Sheehy 3 - 0  Rob Shirley (F/Con)
George (Vols) v S Meikle (G6)
Lewis (Labour) v Ian Davies (G6)
K Piper (CGB) v P Donovan (Scow)
L Casley (CGB) 3 - 2 A Parkhouse 
S Figgures 3 - 0 M Jones (G6 69's)
S Cundy (G6 69's) v S Griffiths (Naval)
Lewis (Labour) 1 - 3 O Ellis (G6)
Dean Price (Fannys) v M Kirby (Locos)
Morris (Naval) v C Mortimer (Tigers)
K Phillips 0 - 3 N James (G6)
Thomas (G6 69's) v A Stone (Fannys)
S Slee (Fannys) v S Kelliher (CGB)
Bond (Tigers) v A Street (G6)
M Thomas 3 - 1  K Bartle (Scow)
Williams (G6 69's) 1 - 3 D Jones (G6)
J Sollis (Scow) 3 - 1 A Smith (Tyn)
J Thomas 3 - 0 J Bryan (Tyn)
Williams  3 - 1 J Clifford (Winds)
Rees (Labour) v A Taylor (CGB)
Williams 0 - 3 S Williams (F/Con)
Edwards 2 - 3 J O'callaghan (G6)
M Jones (Fannys) v G Stephens (Fannys)
J Phillips (CGB) v Mark Shirley (Vols)
Paul Martin v Alan Sharp (Both G6)
Watkins 3 - 1 C Holcombe (G6)
Rogers 3 - 1  P Thomas (G6)
G Hunt 2 - 3 S o Mahoney (Labour)
Harris 2 - 3  D Larkin (Fannys)
P Mason 2 - 3 B Reynolds (Tigers)
O'mahoney v I Roberts (Both Labour)

PREMIER SINGLES (Best of 7) Last 32

A Sharp (G6) v L Morris (Naval Con)
C Holcombe (G6) v S Williams (F/Con)
M Shirley (Vols) v K Evans (Labour)
P Martin 4 - 3 S Lewis (Labour)
P Thomas (G6) v S Williams (Labour)
R Shirley (F/Con) v J Thomas (CGB)
K Piper 4 - 3 N Rogers (Both CGB)
J Sollis 0 - 4 N James (G6)
K Bartle (Scow) v M Rees (Labour)
L Casley 4 - 2 S Meikle (G6)
S Griffiths 3 - 4 A Williams (F.Con) 
A Lewis 2 - 4 D Jones (G6) 
J Phillips (CGB) v A Street (G6) 
P Donovan 1 - 4 Sam Figgures (CGB)
M Harris (Vols) v A Taylor (CGB)
S Kelliher 0 - 4 J O'callaghan (G6)

DIVISION 1 SINGLES (Best of 7) Last 16

Michael Watkins v Bye
Dean Price 2 - 4 R Taylor 
G Stephens 4 - 0 J Clifford (Winds)
Mark Evans v Daniel Larkin (Both Fannys)
Neil Richards 0 - 4 Stephen Slee (Fannys)
C Mortimer 3 - 4 Bryn Reynolds 
Chris Bond 4 - 2  Paul Mason (Both Tigers)
M Kirby 4 - 0 C Monahan (Winds)

DIVISION 2 SINGLES (Best of 7) Last 16

McDonald v Bye
J Taylor (Jimmys) v A Smith (Tyn)
R Williams 4 - 3 S Cundy (G6 69's)
A Parkhouse 4 - 0  E Davies (Jimmys)
D Ellis 4 - 2 J Bryan (Tyn)
E Roberts 0 - 4  A Roberts (Tora)
D Chaaves 0 - 4 D Thomas (G6 69's)
M Jones 4 - 0 A Jenkins (Tyn)

OPEN DOUBLES (Best of 5) Last 32

C Bond/G Hunt 3 - 2 T Wellington/K Bartle (Scow)
N Donovan/A Roberts 1 - 3  A Stone/S Slee (Fannys)
O Mahonys 3 - 0 O Ellis/D Jones (G6)
M Watkins/M Harris 3 - 0 M Wellington /J Clifford (Winds)
Gando/Spock (F/Con) v M Thomas/Tiff (Naval Con)
M Shirley/D George (Vols) v R Taylor/P Monahan (Locos)
L Casley/Skamp (G6) v M Rees/A Clarke (Labour)
Bye - A Davies/ JT
B Reynolds/C Mortimer 3 - 1 R Shirley/A Parkhouse (F/Con)
L Cross/P Abraham 3 - 1 D Thomas/A Jenkins (G6 69's)
C Monahan/C Jones 0 - 3 A Sharp/J Callaghen (G6)
P Halpin/A Lang 2 - 3 A Williams/M Jones (F/Con)
D Larkin/J Evans 1 - 3 J Sollis/S Harris (Scow)
M Jones/M Jones (G9 69's) v Twm/Tubby
S Lucas/C Emery 3 - 0 M Jones/R williams (G6 69's)
G Llewelyn/P Donovan (Scow) v M Clay/E Davies (Jimmys)

SCOTCH DOUBLES (Best of 7) Last 32

N James/S Figgures (CGB) v Sharpy/Stu Meikle (G6)
J Callaghen/R Tait (G6) v D Price/I West (Fannys)
D Larkin/G Stephens 4 - 2 S Lewis/S Williams (Labour)
S Lucas/C Emery (Naval con) v L Hockin/C Davies (Tyn)
M Rees/A Clarke (Labour) v Twm/Tubby (G6)
J Sollis/S Harris (Scow) v D Jones/O Ellis (G6)
M Jones/R Williams v B Reynolds/C Mortimer
M Watkins/M Harris (Winds) 1 - 4 C Bond/G Hunt (Tigers)
Stretch/Wop (G6) v T Wellington/K Bartle (Scow)
M Evans/D Dinham 4 - 3 M Wellington/J Clifford (Winds)
C Monahan/P Horn 1 - 4 P Halpin/J Morris (Tyn)
D George/M Shirley (Vols) v G Llewelyn/P Donavan (Scow)
A Stone/S Slee (Fannys) v Leon/Skamp (G6)
P Thomas/B Edwards (Tyn) v A Lang/L Morris (Tyn)
The O'Mahoneys (Labour) v A Davies/Jason Thomas (CGB)
A williams/P Bamsey 4 - 1D Thomas/M Jenkins (G6 69's)

Good luck to all competitors

17 February 2017 12:19 am


Unfortunatly the red draggon super vegies have folded with immediate effect all their scores and results have been wiped as set out in the constituation. Please teams who had yet to play their return fixtures please know that their fixture with them is now a dead week for them.

26 January 2017 4:45 pm

Cup and Plate quarter finals 31st/1st

Draws for quarter finals of the cup and the plate for tuesday jan 31st are as follows


Scow old Boys v G6 Fannys
Labour Hustlers v Railway Vols
Crazy Gers Boys v Unbelievable Tekkers
Tigers Bell End v G6 Sports Bar


Naval con Men v Scow Factor
Railway Locos v Tora Tora Tora
BYE v Horny Winds
Trefelin Con Club v Fat Controllers

26 January 2017 4:39 pm



Players that are signed on the day, the money for their signings need to either be with the scorecard or needs to be with me by the last post of the Friday following to the Tuesdays match. Monies not received will result in the players frames not counting towards the final score and the result altered accordingly  

There was over £100 lost last season with unsigned players and this will not be happening again this season..

ALSO can captains please fill out their teams properly and add players names in full as this helps me fill out the stats on the website. 

Two teams failed to send their winning scorecards to me for the first weeks but as some teams did not have scorecards we have decided to give every team one weeks grace. 

Cheers, Fixture sec.

8 September 2016 5:28 pm

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